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Thông tin học bổng Tiến sĩ của Đại học Hongkong

Kính gửi Anh/Chị học viên,

Phòng ĐTSĐH&KHCN có nhận được thông tin học bổng của Trường Đại học Hong Kong (HKU) đào tạo Tiến sĩ toàn thời gian với các nhiều chuyên ngành thuộc các ngành: Business and Economics, Dentistry, Education, Engineering, Law, Medicine, Science and Social Sciences.

Thời hạn nộp hồ sơ: 01/9 - 01/12/2017

Thông tin chi tiết, Anh/Chị vui lòng xem thêm nội dung bên dưới và file đính kèm.

Trân trọng,
Dear All,

We are pleased to announce that the University of Hong Kong (HKU) has set up various Fellowships and Scholarships for outstanding students from universities all over the world who would like to pursue full-time PhD studies in HKU.

For example, the Hong Kong PhD Fellowship awards an amount of HK$240,000 (US$30,760) per year plus conference and research-related travel allowance of HK$10,000 (US$1,280) per year to selected full-time PhD candidates. All full-time MPhil and PhD students who hold a first degree with second-class honours first division (or equivalent) or above are normally considered eligible to receive a Postgraduate Scholarship of at least HK$188,400 (US$24,150) per year during the normative study period. Candidates’ results in Masters’ degrees may also be considered.

Enclosed please find copies of posters, and leaflets with details of the Fellowships and Scholarships.

For further queries, please do not hesitate to contact the University of Hong Kong at