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Thông báo chương trình học bổng Thạc sĩ FUSENG-Yuan Ze University cho hệ Cao học.

Phòng ĐTSĐH&KHCN trân trọng thông báo đến Anh/Chị học viên cao học chương trình học bổng Thạc sĩ FUSENG-Yuan Ze University.

Thời gian nộp hồ sơ:

1. Học kì mùa Thu: 15/02 - 15/04

2. Học kì mùa Xuân: 15/09 - 15/11

Thông tin chi tiết, xin vui lòng xem thêm nội dung bên dưới và file đính kèm.

Trân trọng,


---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: 呂迺玲
Date: Thu, Mar 23, 2017 at 8:54 PM
Subject: FUSENG-Yuan Ze University Fully Funded Scholarships for Master Degree

Dear Partners,

Greetings from Yuan Ze University, Taiwan.

FUSENG / Vision International Co., Ltd and Yuan Ze University cooperate a fully funded scholarship Master program only for Vietnamese students.

Please broadcast the good opportunities to your students and encourage them to apply online before April 15th.

If your students take other English proficiency Test instead of the TOEIC, please refer the equivalence score as follows

Should you have any further questions, please feel free to contact me or Professor Shieh at

Thank you for your attention.

Best regards,

Nailing Lu


ü Vietnamese students have the intention to come to Taiwan for a Master's degree at Yuan Ze University. After graduation, Vision International Co., Ltd ensures a 6-years contract in Vietnam.

ü Applicants need to major in mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, materials engineering, mold and die engineering, industrial engineering, and other related areas.

ü Applicants required a minimum TOEIC score of 650 or more. After coming to Taiwan, applicants need to accept Chinese training up to TOCFL advanced level. Finally, applicants will have the ability to understand Chinese, English, and Vietnamese.

ü During the period of Taiwan, Yuan Ze University & Fusheng Precision Co., Ltd. will arrange courses and internship programs to achieve both theoretical and practical professionals.

ü Vision International Co., Ltd will plan a complete career development and training to develop an elite with technology, research and development, and management abilities.


ü The company fully supports two-year tuition fees for a Master's degree at Yuan Ze University in Taiwan.

ü During the two years of study, the living allowance is NTD 8,000 per month and accommodation is provided free of charge.

ü During the summer vacation practice, the company will pay the internship allowance and the group accident insurance.

ü After graduation, an internship is needed and the company will pay salary of NTD 26,000 per month according to Fusheng Precision Co., Ltd. employment plan.

ü After graduation from Yuan Ze University, the students need to come back to Vietnam for the services according to Fusheng Precision Co., Ltd. assessment results to arrange the position as middle-level reserve cadres.
Ms. Nailing Lu

Director, Global Affairs Office

Yuan Ze University

135 Yuan-Tung Road, Chungli Dist. Taoyuan City, Taiwan, R.O.C.

Tel: +886-3-463-8800 ext. 3284